To Scratch a Thief by Holm & Hamel

To Scratch a Thief, the second book of the “Stink Files” series, was written by Holm & Hamel — two mysterious authors who won’t tell their first names and only hint at where they live and which pets they may or may not own… Obviously, they are all about mystery!

Agent James Edward Bristlefur is a British cat with some secret agent training. He used to help his human solve crimes all over Europe. That is, until the human was murdered by a polydactyl feline named Macavity. (No, that isn’t some sort of dinosaur! It’s a six-toed cat, silly.) Now, Bristlefur has found himself forcibly relocated to the United States (New Jersey to be exact), and he has even been renamed by his new family.

Mr. Stink doesn’t appreciate the jokes about his new name, and he really hates that his new family’s business (Parkside Pet Foods Store) is being targeted by some cat burglars. Are the problems in New Jersey related to the trouble in Europe? Is Macavity at the center of it all? Will Mr. Stink be able to keep his new family — and himself — safe from harm? You’ll have to read the story to find out!

Happy Reading!


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