DDR Contest…

Tonight the East Greenbush Community Library hosted our first ever Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Contest! Since the contest was open to tweens and teens in 6th grade and up, we decided to keep things fair by breaking the competition down into the four levels available in the game: Beginner, Light, Standard, and Heavy. We had 21 tweens and teens show up, and there were even 4 adults (parents) who stayed to check things out! In case you were wondering how things turned out, the scores are listed below.

Enaw 7,001,530
Maya 6,549,999
Kyrie 5,107,691
Alex 859,925
Brian 75,835

JR 50,448,025
Piper 41,950,965
Nick 9,320,800

Travis 82,112,942
Emily 6,566,254

Ginger 54,357,316
Mike 8,754,216
Bill 8,397,288
Barry 8,049,396

There were refreshments (popcorn, Gatorade, lemonade, and spring water), prizes for every person who competed (a free book of his/her choice), and even some silly prizes. For the two girls that helped “bring it all together” (Melly and Ginger), there was a travel sewing kit. For the tops in Heavy, there were “champagne” bubble bath (to celebrate and soak simultaneously!) and a shoe polish kit (for Mike’s dancing shoes!)… For the tops in Standard, there were a ball-catch game (since Travis “brought his ‘A game’!”) and a bath set (for Emily to soak away her sore muscles!)… Very fun indeed!

Overall, I think it was a great success, and I look forward to doing it all again — for April break?!? OK… That’a all for now.

Happy reading!


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