Inexcusable by Chris Lynch

OK… This is not a “tween” book. It is a very YA book. But, there may be some teens who read this blog, so I still feel justified posting my opinion. First, let me just say — I realize that the content could easily earn an “R” rating if this book were turned into a movie, and I disagree with a lot of what the so-called “popular” characters in the book did for fun. (Don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea!) Still, that doesn’t mean that the book wasn’t well written and/or doesn’t serve a purpose. If nothing else, I think that this book may even be a good reminder of how NOT to act when you get into high school. More than that, though, I think this book is a great way to show readers that their own perspective if often very different from the people around them — and that people need to try to be more objective in their evaluations of themselves sometimes.

So, anyway. If you are at all familiar with the movie Varsity Blues, you will already know a few of the themes of this book. For example: jock = popular, popular kids party too much, parents let said kids get away with partying too much. In reality, not all athletes are popular kids, not all popular kids drink and take recreational drugs, and not all parents think it is OK for their kids to drink and do drugs. Keir Sarafian, however, fits the above example perfectly. The thing is, though, that he seems to think he is a “good guy” when he is anything but — and his delusions of grandeur are pretty hard to comprehend.

When the book starts out with Keir being accused of date rape, you almost want to feel bad for him. As the book goes on, though, I found it difficult to understand how he thought he was such a good guy. The way that the chapters alternate between the “present” and the “past” is really cool, though it was a little weird to get used to at first. I think that it works really well, though, for helping you to see things from Keir’s perspective and from the perspective of the world around him. Plus, it makes you pay better attention to some of the details as they unfold. If things went strictly in chronological order, I am certain I would have missed a lot.

OK. I am done. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot!

Happy Reading!


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