Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key by Jack Gantos

I am not sure if Jack Gantos wrote this because he has ADHD or if he knows someone with ADHD, but he was very accurate in how he described a lot of the mannerisms and behaviors of kids who are “wired” like Joey Pigza… I have taught many children with varying degrees of ADHD, and I saw a little bit of all of them in Joey… I also think that story is great for explaining the trial-and-error aspect of ADHD medications and the specialized testing that is sometimes involved with an ADHD diagnosis… For that reason alone, I think this would be an excellent book for a child with ADD or ADHD, or even for his/her classmates who are trying to understand him/her…

I do have to admit that I was a little disturbed by some of the content of the story — like the Grandmother who tried to put Joey in the fridge for a “time out” and treated him like a dog at times — but, I suppose that there may also be children out there who have to deal with adults who are “wired” as well… Overall, though, I think that the story was a pretty good read…

Happy Reading!


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