New York Ninjas by Johnathan Rand

This is book 4 in Johnathan Rand’s American Chillers series, and I can definitely see why kids would like it. For one, it is always neat to be reading a book and to see the name of a city near you. In this book, all the action is taking place in Albany, NY — only about a 10 minute drive from East Greenbush! The other thing is that the language is not too difficult. I know that a lot of tween boys don’t like to read for fun; they barely read what they have to get done for homework assignments. The fact that this book is such a “quick read,” then, probably makes it a little more appealing.

This story starts off with Mike, Brad, and Sarah trick-or-treating and getting ready to go to a Halloween costume party. When they find an old Japanese Kubuki mask on the ground, some strange and unusual things start to happen — like… Oh wait! I don’t wanna ruin the surprise! Will the kids get to the party on time? Will the ninjas show up and kick some butt? Will anybody end up hurt? If you like suspensful stories with lots of twists and turns, though, this book is for you…

Happy Reading!


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