Walter: The Story of a Rat by Barbara Wersba

Side bar: As you can tell, by looking back at previous entries, I am not necessarily reading books in the order in which they are typed. I am basically grabbing the nearest book when I have a moment. This time, it just happened to be Barbara Wersba’s book that I found.

Walter is a rat — hence the title… He was born with a strange ability; he can read! He doesn’t have any clue why he can read or how it happened. He just can. And, as coincidence would have it, he lives in the house of a famous writer, Amanda Pomeroy. Miss Pomeroy, as Walter calls her, has a rather large personal library, from which Walter borrows books on a nightly basis. He loves to read everything he can, and he is pleased when he finally finds some of Miss Pomeroy’s books in that library. The only problem is that her books are all about mice, not rats. Walter is confused by the way that humans react negatively to rats and still manage to think that mice are cute. He wants to write a note to Miss Pomeroy to ask her why she only writes about mice, but he is afraid that she will be angered to know that a rat has been sharing her home. Does he ever get the courage to leave a note? If so, what was Amanda’s reaction? Read the book to find out!

Happy Reading!


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