The Sacrifice by Kathleen Benner Duble

Imagine you came over from England on the Mayflower. Your family lives in a Puritan settlement in Andover, Massachussetts — not too far from Salem. Suddenly, life as you know it is turned upside-down. There are girls in Salem who claim to be tortured by the devil, all because there are witches living among them. And, now, they are headed to Andover!

Even though Abagail’s family knows that there are not any witches about, they are not able to convince the frightened people around them. When Abagail gets accused of witchcraft, she has only three choices:
1. Deny it all and hang (because she could not prove that she was not a witch),
2. Speak and “admit” to being a witch (and return to prison forever),
3. Or speak and accuse someone else in order to free herself.

What would you do? See what Abagail does in this fact-based novel by Kathleen Benner Duble.

Happy Reading!


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