Interplanetary Avenger by Caroline Luzzatto

Sam is having a tough time being the new kid at his middle school. The bully has already decided that Sam will be his newest victim, and Sam has already lost part of his lunch and ended up in the principal’s office because of it. On his way home from school, though, something actually threatens to make things worse. When Sam gets to his driveway, he finds (and opens!) a box labeled “Do Not Open” — landing him in the principal’s office again… This time, though, it’s on another planet!

Sam has apparently been duped by a shape-shifting alien named Exeter Lar Junderpanz, and he has to help capture Exeter before he causes Sam to get into any more trouble. Will Sam be able to protect his family from the crazy alien? Will he be able to recapture his body and his life for his own? And, more importantly, will Exeter be sent back to serve his detention time at the Central Denebian Accelerated School for Expatriate Space Travelers and Associated Mutants? Read the book if you want to know…

Happy Reading!


One response to “Interplanetary Avenger by Caroline Luzzatto

  1. I only read half of it
    its kind of confusing actually
    not to descriptive
    its ok i guess

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