Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time by Lisa Yee

If you know just one thing about Stanford Wong, it has to be that he loves basketball. This book starts off on the last day of school, with Stanford just dreaming the day away. He can’t wait for school to be over, and for summer to start — because Stanford has BIG plans… He is going away to a summer basketball camp!

But then, something terrible happens. Stanford flunks English and has to go to summer school. He feels like his life is over because his spot on the basketball team is even at risk, here! Now, instead of going away for the summer, he has to put up with tutoring sessions from “Millicent the Genius” (from Lisa Yee’s award winning book, Millicent Min, Girl Genius). He also has to deal with his dad working tons of extra hours (trying to earn a promotion), his first crush, and his grandmother being moved to an assisted living facility.

Of course, life doesn’t end just because things didn’t turn out the way Stanford wanted. But, will he be able to pass summer school without his friends finding out? Will Stanford have any fun that summer? Find out for yourself, and read the book!

Happy Reading!


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