Evangeline Mudd and the Great Mink Escapade by David Elliott

Evangeline is not your average girl… After all, she just rescued her parents from the Ikkinasti Jungle and saved the rain forest! Evangeline sets off on her latest adventure after she receives an urgent letter from a friend in a “save-the-animals” group. In this book, however, she doesn’t have to travel nearly as far as the the Ikkinasti Jungle. She only has to head back to the home of her father’s “second cousin, twice removed,” Melvin Mudd. You see, Melvin owns the Mudd’s Marvelous Minks ranch, and he plans on killing all the minks to make ballet costumes for his wife, India Terpsichore’s ballet. While posing as a reporter, Evangeline meets a dancer, Alexy Alexy, who is being held hostage by his evil manager, Ratsputin.

Can Evangeline pull off her undercover act long enough to save the minks from being turned into ballet costumes? Can she free Alexy Alexy while she’s at it? Find out for yourself in this wacky story about a not-so-normal 10-year-old girl!

Happy Reading!


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