Introducing… Sasha Abramowitz by Sue Halpern

Sasha Marie Curie Abromowitz is not so sure her parents did her a favor when they gave her such an eccentric name. She assumes that her parents hoped for the greatness of Marie Curie to rub off on her. Sadly, she feels no pull toward chemistry or physics (the two subjects in which M.C. won the Nobel Prize) and feels that the person who “invented double fudge brownies” should have won a Nobel Prize. Living with her parents, in a dorm at Krieger College, certainly presents 11-year-old Sasha with a unique world-view, though Sasha doesn’t really appreciate her situation. Sasha thinks that life would be better if she were just plain “normal.” What should have been a fun summer becomes more complicated when Sasha’s best friend starts hanging out with a boy and her older brother, Danny, comes home from his special school (he has Tourette’s Syndrome). While this book may not appeal to all young readers, it is interesting to see how a disease like Tourette’s Syndrome can effect an entire family.

Happy Reading!


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