Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

If you’ve read Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time, chances are you remember Millicent Min. That’s right! The know-it-all tutor that Stanford gets stuck with all summer. Well, things weren’t all “peaches and cream” for her either! Sure, she is an 11-year-old genius who is already attending a college-level poetry class (and will also be starting her senior year in the fall)… But that doesn’t necessarily mean that her life is super easy. Because Millie can’t seem to help herself (shut her mouth) when she knows all about something, kids her own age don’t tend to like hanging out with her. Her parents are worried about her social awkwardness — and that is why they sign her up for summer volleyball and tutoring. She isn’t thrilled about either one, but ends up making friends with a volleyball teammate named Emily. When Emily finds out about Millie’s genius status, though, she besomes angry that Millie didn’t tell her the truth (about tutoring Stanford Wong). Will Emily learn to forgive Millie? Will Millie learn how to make friends and act her own age? Read this book to find out for yourself!

Happy Reading!


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