The Unsigned Valentine: and Other Events in the Life of Emma Meade by Johanna Hurwitz

This book was really good! I am not normally one for “girly” stuff, nor am I overly big on historical fiction. Still, I somehow ended up tearing through this book. You are probably wondering what was so special about it, so I will try to give a short description without giving too much away. Obviously, this is about Emma Meade. Actually, this is her journal. She writes about what it is like to live on a farm, in Vermont, in the early 20th century (1900s). She tells about what school is like, the chores she has to do, and what she does for fun. It is hard to imagine actually living through the winter without the modern-day conveniences, but her family manages well enough. Can you imagine having to can and jar your own fruits and vegetables to have food for winter? Or having to send your wheat to town to be ground into flour for baking bread? Even life without a telephone is hard to comprehend. I guess you could say that the details of her forbidden love were what really caught my attention, though. This book was, at times, like an early 20th Century version of Romeo and Juliet (with a slightly different ending, thankfully). If you want to know who her Romeo is, or how their story ends, though, you will have to read the book for yourself!

Happy Reading!


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