Witch Dreams by Vivian Vande Velde

Nyssa had a gift… Or a curse, depending on the way you looked at it. You see, Nyssa was a witch. What did this mean for Nyssa? She could see people’s dreams. Just by holding a token from that person (a lock of hair, or something they once owned), she could see into that person’s dreams — though she could not control whether they were “fear” or “wish” dreams instead of “true memory” dreams. Just being found out as a witch was enough to get her killed, but her family did a decent job of protecting her. That is, until her parents were murdered. Nyssa and the neighbors blame Elsdon — the son of Lord Haraford and Lady Eleanor. When the magistrates find Elsdon not guilty, Nyssa becomes determined to prove his guilt. No one listens to her, and the trial fades into the back of people’s minds. Elsdon’s parents send him away, and Nyssa becomes a servant for Mistress Karmillie. When Elsdon reappears after 6 years, Nyssa becomes determined to see his dreams to find out the truth about her parent’s murder. Will she finally learn the truth? Did Elsdon actually kill Nyssa’s parents? Find out when you read Vivian Vande Velde’s Witch Dreams!

Happy Reading!


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