Jumping the Scratch by Sarah Weeks

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live with someone who had major short term memory loss, this is the book for you. Jamie’s aunt had a traumatic head injury while working at a cherry packing plant and her brain was severely injured. She can remember everything up to the morning of the accident, but every day she has to rediscover that she has been injured and that her sister and nephew have come to live with her. Jamie is constantly trying to help his aunt get past this glitch in her memory — to “jump the scratch” (like on a broken record, if you actually know what that means!). The strangest thing is that Jamie is trying to do the opposite for himself. You see, Jamie has something he would rather forget… Something traumatic keeps trying to push itself forward in his mind. Will Jamie learn to forget? Will his aunt finally “jump the scratch”? Find out for yourself!

Happy Reading!


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