Inkheart by Cornelia Funke

What would it be like to never know your mother? How would you feel if you only knew that she went away and never came back? Not knowing why would drive me mad, I’m sure. But, for Meggie, it was all she ever knew. When she was a mere toddler, Meggie’s mother disappeared and left her with only her father, Mo. What Mo had neglected to tell Meggie, nevertheless, was the way her mother had disappeared.

When a mysterious man named Dustfinger shows up in the middle of the night, calling Mo “Silvertongue” and warning him about someone named Capricorn, Meggie has no idea what is going on. She and Mo quickly pack and leave for her Great Aunt Elinor’s home in the South, where she and Elinor finally learn the truth about her mother’s disappearance. The amazing hidden truth is that Mo can read characters right out of their books! The tragedy is that, sometimes, people end up going into the books — like Meggie’s mother, Theresa.

Dustfinger and Capricorn are both characters from a book (Inkheart) Mo was reading to Meggie and Theresa. Dustfinger is desperate to go back to the world from which he came. Capricorn has been hunting down and stealing every copy of the book, but Mo is not even sure why. Can Elinor help Mo to hide his copy of the book? Can Mo and Meggie stay safe? Will Meggie ever see her mother again? And what will happen to Dustfinger? This audiobook is 15 1/2 hours, but I treasured every minute of it (and sometimes sat in my driveway with the car running so I could finish the chapter!)… Ideal for a long car trip, but make sure to get rechargeable batteries if you plan on using a discman!

Happy Reading!


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