Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

I loved and hated this book at the same time… I loved the uniqueness of Mandy, Char, and Ella’s characters. I loved the explanation for Ella’s undying obedience — a “gift” from a fairy named Lucinda. I loved the giants and the giant wedding. I loved almost everything. What I hated, though, was “watching” Ella get bossed around by Hattie. I wanted to force my way into the story to rescue Ella from the little snob. It was like I was watching someone being tortured — and, at times, I was completely distraught over what was happening to a fictional character. I guess that shows how great the writing was, but it made me sad and anxious to listen as Ella obeyed the every command of such a brat and wondered what command would be given next.

This story obviously bears a strong resemblance to Cinderella in many ways. I still highly recommend Ella Enchated — even if you have read (or watched) another version of Cinderella. Some additions to the plot make it well worth the time spent reading (or listening).

Happy reading!


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