Girl, 15, Charming But Insane by Sue Limb

There were several occasions when I laughed so hard I had to replay sections of the CD so I would not miss any of the book… I’m not lying! If you have enjoyed reading or listening to any of Louise Rennison’s “Confessions of Georgia Nicholson” series you will LURVE this book! Jess is another British girl, so there is a bit of British slang, though it isn’t anything too difficult to figure out. (Worst case scenario, you can just ask your mum or dad if they know what the heck Jess is talking about.) Mostly, Jess is a typical 15-year-old girl with a best friend (Flora) who looks like a goddess, another best friend (Fred) who happens to be a boy, and a crush on gorgeous boy (Ben) who doesn’t seem to know she is alive. Listening to this book will surely keep you entertained — with Jess’ sharp wit and overactive imagination — but you can also use the audiobook to perfect your amazingly cool British accent so you can impress all your friends with some fun British phrases!

Happy Reading!


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