A (Librarian’s) Christmas Carol by Mark A. Malcolm

As a librarian this year
I sure put Santa to the test
Between his nice and naughty lists
I was borderline at best

At the circulation desk
I sipped power like great wine
And I wouldn’t even waive
Some little old lady’s fine

When I fulfilled the paging list
And got requests from off the shelf
If there were any books I liked
I would keep them for myself

When this little shy boy cried
My response was rather hard
Because the kid was sniveling
I wouldn’t issue him a card

But when Christmas morning came
Downstairs I sure did scurry
And when I opened up my gift
There stood…..a brand new library

How I earned that lofty prize
I couldn’t give suggestions
But of good old Santa Claus
I wasn’t asking questions

Then I transformed my behavior
Yes, I really buckled down
And I shared that library
With the whole, entire town

And should you come to visit
You will see me if you look
Saying, “Merry Christmas now to all
And to all now a good book!

Mark A. Malcolm
Maynard Public Library
Maynard, MA


Obviously, I did not write this poem. Still, I thought it was wonderful and wanted to pass it along. Happy holidays, all! And, of course, Happy Reading!



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