Double Fudge by Judy Blume

Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up. Freckle Juice was probably my first “favorite book” after I learned how to read. I fell in love with Superfudge when I was in third grade, and I was thrilled to hear (a couple of years ago) that Judy Blume had written another book about Peter, Fudge, and Tootsie — Double Fudge! For whatever reason, though, I never got around to reading it until now. Boy, am I glad that I made the time! I actually listened to the audiobook version, which made it a whole lot easier to fit into my schedule — AND gave me the opportunity to listen to Judy Blume read the book herself!

Let me just say a couple of things about the book. First, I am happy to report that Fudge is still up to his same silly antics. Second, I think it is awesome that there are more modern things woven into the story (like the Internet, e-mail, and IMs). My third comment is a warning, though… Don’t read or listen to this book when you only have a few minutes of spare time. I was enjoying the story so much that I kept getting upset when I arrived at my destination before a chapter was over! This is definitely a funny story, though it has a few dull and sad moments. Die-hard Fudge fans will not be disappointed!

Happy Reading!


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