Lion Boy: The Chase by Zizou Corder

Zizou Corder is absolutely masterful! I cannot believe how easily I was sucked back into the world of cat-talking Charlie and his lion friends. The story starts right back up where the first story left off — with Charlie and the lions aboard the Orient Express, which is snowed-in in the Swiss Alps, stowed away in the bathroom of a train car belonging to King Boris (of Bulgaria). Raffi Sadler is still after them… That is, if he can recover from a vicious lion bite AND manage to convince people that he is not crazy for telling them about lions aboard the Orient Express. Charlie’s parents are still being held hostage by the Corporacy, and Charlie thinks he even knows why. Now, Charlie just needs to find a way to honor his promise to the lions (to bring them home to Morocco) and then to find and recue his parents. Simple enough, right?!? See for yourself; get the book!

Happy Reading!


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