The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo

Kate DiCamillo is probably best known for her Newbery Honor book Because of Winn Dixie, since it was also made into a movie and all. Personally, though, I think this book is far better. This is the story of a young mouse, Despereaux, who was the only mouse of his litter to survive. Not only that, but he was also born tiny, with huge ears, and OPEN eyes. Furthermore, he has the ability to read, so he is a major embarrassment and disappointment to his family. Very strange, indeed! When it is discovered that he has had contact with a human, Princess Pea, he is sent to his death — via the rats in the dungeon. Obviously, young Despereaux survives, though I won’t ruin it by telling you how. He then embarks on a quest — to save the Princess from an evil rat (Chiaroscuro) and his naive, peasant girl companion (Miggery Sow), who honestly believes the rat can make help her trade places with the princess. Can a little mouse really make such a big difference? Find out for yourself — when you read this thrilling tale of love and bravery with descriptions so rich you can taste them!

Happy Reading!


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