The Sloppy Copy Slipup by DyAnn DiSalvo

Have you ever had a homework assignment that you didn’t have time for? Did it seem like your teacher cared more about the missing assignment than finding out why you were too busy? Well, I have a story for you! Brian Higman, aka Big Hig, does not have his sloppy copy ready to hand in. What he does have is a blank sheet of paper — well, it has his name on it at least — and a very long story about why he didn’t have time to do his assignment. Miss Fromme decides to give him some time to explain himself, but she doesn’t seem overly pleased with his round-about story telling technique or the fact that her class has spent more time listening to his story than working that day. Will Miss Fromme make an exception and give Big Hig another chance? Or will she give him another “0” and land him in detention? Find out for yourself… but please do your own homework first!

Happy Reading!


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