Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett

I am going to be very honest. I have NO CLUE about “fine” art! I was afraid that having Vermeer in the title would mean that I would not “get” this book. I am happy to report, nevertheless, that I was wrong. One of the main points characters make in this book is, actually, that people do not need fancy art degrees to be able to look at and appreciate art. [Whew!] Petra and Calder are both in Ms. Hussy’s 6th grade class, but they don’t really know each other well. By the end of this book, though, they had better learn to work together — because there is a missing Vermeer painting, and the two of them have been experiencing a lot of coincidences that might just be clues. Aided by the mystical powers of “blue ones” (blue M&Ms) and Calder’s pentominos (mathematical puzzle pieces), the duo work tirelessly to uncover the location of “the lady” (Vermeer’s A Lady Writing painting) before a mad art scholar/thief destroys her. This is an awesome mystery! Blue Balliett definitely kept me guessing the whole time. Can you figure it out before the end?

Happy Reading!


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