Pure Dead Magic by Debi Gliori

I heard that these books were funny, but I had no idea quite how entertaining it would be. Think Mary Poppins moving in to nanny the Addams Family… Yeah; it’s that wacky! The new nanny, Mrs. McLachlan, is responsible for three kids — Titus, 12, his sister Pandora, 10, and the baby, Damp. If their names are not indicative enough of what lays in store for this nanny, you need only check out the sign on their gate:
“Warning! Trespassers will be (a) served for breakfast, (b) turned into frogs, (c) forced to eat Brussels sprouts.”
Not exactly someplace I would rush to work, but Mrs. McLachlan is extraordinary in many ways. Join her as she helps this family through the craziness of a missing dad, a mom who has gone back to [witch craft] school, and a baby sister who was accidentally shrunken and sent down her brother’s computer modem into the vast world of cyberspace. Can everything possibly turn out alright? Find out for yourself… Get the book!

Happy Reading!


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