Elliot’s Talking Dog and Other Quick Solve Mini-Mysteries by Jim Sukach

Jim Sukach has just the thing for all of you budding CSI and Law and Order buffs out there! I love watching the crime shows because I enjoy trying to unravel the mysteries before the end of the episode. For those of you who like mysteries but don’t want to read all day to find an answer, this book is a perfect fit! The mysteries in this book are only a few pages long, and the answers are right in the back of the book — so you don’t have to wonder if you’re right, but you won’t accidentally see the answer before you give up guessing. The best part, in my opinion, is that the answers are all jumbled up so you don’t get tempted to peek at the next one to see the answer before you read the mystery. And, if you only have a few minutes to read, you don’t have to worry about the suspense killing you until you get back to your book… You’re likely to get in a couple of mysteries before the dentist calls you in for your appointment!

Happy Reading!


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