Gideon the Cutpurse: Being the First Part of the Gideon Trilogy by Linda Buckley-Archer

gtcpWhy have I not yet learned my lesson?!? Why do I continue to read books that are clearly the first in a series when the next book or books have not yet been released? Agghhh!!! I am left with such a cliffhanger, and there is absolutely no way of knowing what will happen next until the following book comes out! I suppose my anxiety is a sign that this book was, indeed, a good one. You know? I mean… If the book was horrible, I would not care a thing about what happened to any of the characters. It would not have bothered me that I did not have enough time to listen to the end of the book before I went on vacation, and it certainly would not have bothered me to be “done” without reaching a clear resolution. So, what’s this book even about, you may wonder?

Peter’s mom is off in Hollywood shooting a film, and his dad is always too busy at work to pay him much attention. This year, he gets pushed off on the nanny instead of taking the planned birthday trip with his father. Before his dad leaves, Peter’s last words to him are, “I hate you!” Fast forward to later that day. Peter meets the Dyer family — they are close friends of his nanny who live on a farm in the country. Kate and Dr. Dyer (her father) take Peter along to Dr. Dyer’s lab, where he explains the concept of “dark matter” and shows Peter an “anti-gravity” machine. When Kate’s dog runs off, Peter and Kate run after her… But they bump into “nothing” and end up being sent back in time — to 1763. Lucky for them, they also run into a kind and trustworthy man named Gideon, who promises to help them in any way he can.

Will Kate and Peter ever get back to their own time? Will their parents ever find out what really happened to them? And what if Gideon’s help is not enough to keep them safe in an era of highway bandits and other such unsavory characters? In alternating chapters, you get to experience the past with Kate and Peter and then return to their parents’ desperate search for answers in the present. There are twists and turns aplenty in this history- and science-packed adventure story. Don’t miss it! (But maybe wait until the next book is closer to publication if you are not good with anxiety.)

Happy Reading!


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