15 Minutes by Steve Young

15 mins coverWhen I saw that the author was Steve Young, I immediately thought football. While this author is not that Steve Young, there was some football in the story — so that was a cool coincidence. Anyhow… Back to the book!

Casey Little is always late. He is late to school so often, as a matter of fact, that he is going to have to serve a year in detention. Nothing short of a miracle will keep him from being late… And then, lucky for Casey, a miracle happens! While looking for a watch in the boxes of his grandfather’s things in the attic, he stumbles upon an old watch. And it’s not just any old watch; it’s a “Go-Back.” While most of his grandfather’s inventions were worthless, this one may just be the answer to Casey’s prayers. Although it is a time machine, in a sense, it has very limited potential. You cannot choose to go back to the time of the dinosaurs, the time of the first flight, or even to last week. But, you can go back 15 minutes and try to do things better than before. Casey uses the “Go-Back” at home, at school, and even on the football field. Will he use the “Go-Back” for his own personal gain? Sure! But will he be able to draw the line and leave well enough alone when it really matters? Read the book to find out for yourself.

Happy Reading!


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