The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron

The Higher Power of Lucky was a great book! I was not at all bothered by the use of the word “scrotum,” and I was actually pleased to see the explanation/definition that Lucky was finally told at the end of the book. Still, there is so much more to this story. First of all, let me just point out that “Lucky” is a misnomer. This poor girl lost her mother to a freak accident, and then her biological father (who was never really in the picture) asked his first ex-wife, Brigitte, to fly in from France and be Lucky’s guardian until the state could find her a foster home. Lucky is sad because she feels like more of a burden than anything; she is sure that Brigitte would rather be back in France than living below the poverty line in Hard Pan, California (population 43) raising her ex-husband’s daughter. Lucky has decided that she needs to find her “higher power” — like all the recovering addicts who attend “Anonymous” meetings at The Found Object Wind Chime Museum & Visitor Center. She just isn’t sure how to do it. Will Brigitte abandon Lucky and head back to France? Will Lucky ever find her “higher power” in Hard Pan, or will she have to leave home to find it? Find out for yourself when you read the book!

Happy Reading!


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