Travels With My Family by Marie-Louise Gay

This kids in this book could easily be my sister and I reflecting back on our family vacations! Parents who would rather stay in a less expensive hotel instead of letting us watch cable TV or swim in a pool; who go to extremes to avoid most of the “touristy” attractions. A dad who will drive into a huge storm — while everyone else prays that the car won’t be blown away. Memorable, for sure, but not necessarily “fun” to most kids. While I felt somewhat of a connection with the narrator, though, I found that this story fell a little flat for me. Adventures that could have been so exciting were reported in an unenthusiastic, nonchalant tone. I guess you could call it dry humor and sarcasm, but I find that all-out humor works better for Tweens. I would recommend A Long Way From Chicago [by Richard Peck] instead.

Happy Reading!


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