Lion Boy: The Truth by Zizou Corder

lbtt coverZizou Corder is amazing. I’m sure I have said that in both of my other Lion Boy posts, but I just wanted to be sure to say it again… Amazing! Now that I have the obvious out of the way, I will commence with the actual book review.

Okay. So, cat-talking Charlie Ashanti has already run away with a circus (to go after his kidnapped, scientist parents), helped the circus lions escape, transported/hidden the lions with the help of King Boris (the king of Bulgaria), brought the lions back to their home in Morrocco, found his kidnapped parents (with the aid of cats all across Europe), and eluded authorities the entire time. You would think that being reunited with his parents would be the end of his story. But, then, you would be wrong.

(I’m not giving away the end, but I am telling quite a bit about the beginning. Continue to read at your own risk!)

The Corporacy is not happy to have lost Anabar and Magdaline Ashanti. Losing them could mean that the cure for asthma is gone as well. And if that cure gets out, the Corporacy would lose a lot of money. So, the very moment that Charlie lets down his guard, he is kidnapped. Along side him, he soon discovers, is his enemy — Rafi Sadler. Why would they both be kidnapped? And where are they being taken? Will Charlie and his parents ever get away from the Corporacy?!? Find out when you read Lion Boy: The Truth. (In which there is finally a “real” ending!)

Happy Reading!


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