Grief Girl: My True Story by Erin Vincent

gg coverI do not know how Erin Vincent managed to make it to adulthood, let alone go on to live a “normal,” productive life. I could not even tell you the number of times I was incensed by the heartless actions of people around her.

I will not give too much away, but let me just share a list of the crap Erin had to put up with:

  • Erin is 14-years-old when her parents got hit by a tow truck as they attempted to cross the street.
  • Her mom died and her dad couldn’t even make it to the funeral because he was still in the hospital.
  • Exactly one month later, her dad died.
  • She and her older sister, Tracy, had to fight their grandparents to keep custody of their 5-year-old brother, Trent.
  • Their Uncle Peter refused to give them the money for Trent’s Christmas gifts, to repair or replace the broken refrigerator, or for Erin to see a dentist — and it’s the money that their parents left behind for the kids in their will.

I won’t tell you any more because (1) it’s depressing and (2) it could ruin the story for you if you don’t read it for yourself. I will say that there is a happy-ish ending, just in case any of you would otherwise refuse to read it. If nothing more, though, this book can help you to (1) see that there is hope of recovery after experiencing such a devestating loss and/or (2) appreciate your parents and all their nagging, which really is just their way of showing that they care.

Happy Reading!


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