Tripping to Somewhere by Kristopher Reisz

tts coverI just came across an e-mail from the author (Kristopher Reisz) when I was doing some “spring cleaning” in my inbox. I remember telling him, at the time, that I could not post about this book on Librarina because it was very Teen and my blog was only for Tweens. Well, now that I am also posting about Teen books, I thought it was only fair to find the review I had written for the Library Goddesses Teen Book Reviews and to post it here too. So, here ya go!

Ever wish you could leave everything behind and just have fun all the time? If you could only find a way into the Witches’ Carnival! There, you can live practically forever — and party your way around the world without even needing to sleep. Sam and Gilly think they are ready for the Witches’ Carnival… They found it once, but were left behind. After stealing $50,000 (Gilly’s dad is a crooked cop), running away from home, and finding the carnival once, though, they are not willing to give up. Can they find it again, or did they miss their only chance for the witches’ way of life? An awesome adventure for mature Teen readers.

Happy Reading!


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