Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman

Once again, I am feeling a little stupid. Not only have I never read anything by Neil Gaiman before, but I have also never heard of “Anansi stories.” Charlie (one of the main characters) actually says, “Everyone has heard of Anansi stories.” Well… Ummm… I guess he was wrong! Either way, though, this story was great.

Charlie “Fat Charlie” Nancy is a typical, boring adult. He has a job. He has a fiancée, Rosie. But nothing much happens in his life. That all changes when his estranged father dies. Suddenly, Charlie is told that not only was his father the human form of Anansi (the African trickster god), but that he also has a twin brother, Spider, who has supernatural abilities similar to those of their father.

When Spider comes to visit, he turns Charlie’s life upside-down. Charlie ends up fired from his job and wanted by the police — plus Spider convinces Rosie that he is actually Charlie. Will Charlie end up in jail? Will he ever get his own life back? Find out for yourself when you read (or listen to!) this book.

Happy Reading!


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