Life As We Knew It (LAWKI) by Susan Beth Pfeffer

lawki coverI read LAWKI a while ago, when I was only reviewing Tween books, so it never made it on my blog (I don’t think it did, anyway)… Such a shame because it was an awesome, albeit rather fear-inspiring, post-apocalyptic story. Miranda is a typical American sophomore. She is a bit self-absorbed, she often argues with her mom, and she can’t wait until she can get her driver’s license. When a meteor knocks the moon out of its usual orbit, however, “life as we knew it” comes to an end. Everyday luxuries like electricity, heat, and food for simply snacking become things of the past. Will Miranda’s family pull together or fall apart? Will the world ever go back to “normal,” or will natural disasters become the norm? Find out for yourself when you read the book!

ON A RELATED NOTE: Lately, I have been getting really exciting about LAWKI’s soon-to-be-published “sister” book, the dead & the gone. Yes, by the way, it is supposed to be all lowercase! Luckily, someone (either on a listserv or in another book blog) alerted me to the fact that Susan Beth Pfeffer has her own blog now! While I was checking out this morning, for news about td&tg, I noticed an offer for a free copy of the audiobook for LAWKI — if you were among the first three people to e-mail her. I knew it was unlikely that I would be in the first three, but I had to try! Well… It paid off! I will soon be receiving my very own copy of the audiobook, as read by Emily Bauer. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Happy Reading!


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