Heat by Mike Lupica

I kept on hearing that Mike Lupica’s books were so amazing, but I don’t really like sports books, so I kept putting them off. To be a good librarian, nevertheless, I realize (deep down inside) that I need to make an effort to go outside my own “comfort zone” every now and then. After all, I am constantly helping kids who don’t want to do their book reports and summer reading assignments, so I can better relate to them if I bite the bullet every now and again too. Well, wasn’t I shocked when I realized that I loved this book?!? I mean, I LOVED it!

Michael Arroyo is a 13-year-old Cuban American. He and his brother came over on a boat with their father and now live in New York City; right near Yankee Stadium. Just like many other boys his age, Michael enjoys playing baseball and is on a Little League team. The problem is that he’s too good. So good, in fact, that a lot of other teams’ coaches think he may not be only 13 years old. And after Danny Almonte was just recently proven to be 14 (too old for Little League), people are not likely to back down. With Michael’s father “out of town,” and no one in Cuba cooperating in the search for a valid birth certificate, Michael is not sure whether he will be able to help his team in their quest for the Little League World Cup. Curious what happens? Yeah, I thought you might be!

Happy Reading!


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