The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

fpl coverAngela Johnson’s book about an unintended teen pregnancy is probably the most poignant I’ve ever read. Alternating between “then” and “now,” she takes us through Bobby’s transformation from typical teenager to struggling, though devoted, father. While it may be slightly confusing to hear “Bobby then” talking about deciding on adoption and “Bobby now” talking about raising his daughter, the ending will make it clear why he changed his mind. A great story, but definitely one for which you will need a box of tissues handy.

Happy Reading!


2 responses to “The First Part Last by Angela Johnson

  1. This book was very cool. Teen pregnacy is big in our world now. Not only in the world I live in but in my family. My family is nortoroius for not having it at the right time. At a young age the situation can be very tough. This book is the first of many where it talks about teen pregnacy from a guys perspective. I found it interesting. I never thought of how the boy might feel during the whole process. Anyways thers so much I can say, so for other words I want to say thank you for creating this book !

  2. Well, I didn’t write the book, but I am happy that my review of the book will help more people (especially teens) find out that there are books out there to show the teen dad’s perspective…
    Happy Reading!

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