Thirsty by MT Anderson

thirsty coverSo, it seems that I must have been obsessed with vampires last month, but I am really glad I decided to read both books. While Stephenie Meyer’s book is more of a light romance, M.T. Anderson’s book is a creepy, adventurous, thrill ride. There aren’t any long soliloquies in which a character professes her undying love for her undead boyfriend, and there aren’t any secret rendezvous during which the characters sit around pondering their forbidden love. There IS, nevertheless, a secret rendezvous in the woods where a teenager meets up with a celestial being named “Chet” to discuss how they can possibly prevent the end of the world. If you’re anything like me, you’re reading this and going, “Huh?” This book really defies description. If I told you much more about the book, I would have to give huge explanations that would spoil a lot of the plot. So, let me leave you with a couple of questions to see if this is the book for you…

Want a book where vampires have potluck dinner where they serve casseroles containing human flesh? Want a book where vampires are so feared and hated that their executions are televised and performed in front of blood-thirsty crowds? Want a book where a teenage boy has to hide his vampirism from his family because he knows that his own mother would not think twice before turning him in to the authorities?!?

If you answered “yes” to any (or all) of these questions, you should definitely pick up a copy of Thirsty!

Happy Reading!


5 responses to “Thirsty by MT Anderson

  1. I just finished it and i was woondering if there was a secong one to it? To me it just seems as though there is more to Chris’s story.

  2. thirsty=awesome book

    wow I love this book and I’m dying for a second one and if there is tell me.

  3. I Just loved the book. I was thrilled with the profanity because it gave the book more suspence in it.

  4. I loved this book hope to see a second one.

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