New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

So, I cannot tell you how crazy it made me to have to wait for this audiobook. I was actually on the waiting list in multiple library systems! I finally got my hands on it, and I listened at every opportunity. Words may fail me, but I’m gonna try…

Edward and his family have already saved Bella from a gruesome death at the hands of a psychotic vampire named James. She thinks all of her troubles are behind her, but then she has to go and have a birthday. Bella hates the idea of getting older, since Edward never will, but she grudgingly allows Alice to throw her a birthday party. When she gets a tiny paper cut from opening a birthday card, though, all hell breaks loose. Bella is suddenly face-to-face with a bunch of thirsty vampires whom she has never before seen as a threat. Is this too much for Bella to handle? Will Edward want to and be able to protect her from his own family? Find out when you read this thrilling sequel!

Happy Reading!


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