The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

I probably would not have read this book if it were not on the ADBOOKS shortlist for the JHunt Award, and I am so glad that this award forced me to read a book whose cover would have left me looking for another book. I know, I know… “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Since I have a toddler, and therefore not much time to read, though, I sometimes get caught up in appearances. If the book hasn’t gotten a lot of attention and the cover doesn’t generate any interest, it often gets passed by. But enough about my bad habits… On to the book review:

This book is great on a number of different levels. First, it makes Shakespeare’s plays sound way cooler than any of my English teachers ever did. (I think I may just have to start reading the ones I’ve never gotten around to!) Second, Holling Hoodhood’s family was so dysfunctional that I could actually relate. And, third, but certainly not last, the story takes place during the Vietnam War, but it didn’t seem like the author had to try to take me back. The setting just kind of fell into place and everything fit — it was like when I used to watch The Wonder Years. Sure, I wasn’t even alive when this all took place, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s just an awesome story about an awesome kid and the awesome teacher he almost took for granted. A quick read, too!

Happy Reading!


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