Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Now that I have finally held my February book group, I won’t feel bad posting about this book. The reason I waited is because this post will most likely contain some minor spoilers, and I didn’t want to ruin the story for any of my teens… Anyhow!

This book starts out with a letter from Jacob Black. He’s writing back to Bella to let her know how much she has hurt him and that he doesn’t want to hear from her anymore. They don’t even deliver the note themselves, which I found both comical and sad. Instead, the letters are exchanged between Jacob’s dad (Billy) and Bella’s dad (Charlie). Basically, Bella hurt Jacob’s feelings by choosing Edward — his mortal enemy and the boy who previously broke Bella’s heart — instead of simply falling in love with him. Love can be like that, though. You can’t always choose what makes the most sense.

So, Jacob is bumming, and Bella’s feeling majorly guilty. Bella is under house arrest because Jacob told Charlie about her motorcycle, but Edward is still allowed over a couple hours a night. Suddenly, though, Charlie makes an offer to lighten Bella’s “sentence” — under the condition that she spend more time with friends other than Edward… particularly Jacob. So, now Bella has to try to convince Edward (and his vampire family) to let her hang out with Jacob (and the other werewolves in his “pack”), let alone get Jacob to agree to see her in the first place.

Things are MUCH more complicated than that, though. Edward and Charlie are both pressuring Bella to apply for colleges (though Edward is mostly trying to postpone Bella’s plan to become a vampire). Seattle has been experiencing a surge in unsolved murders. Victoria is still seeking revenge (i.e. Bella’s death). The Volturi are still expecting that Bella will be “turned” or killed, and more than happy to help along the latter. PLUS, some other vampire (with an unrecognizable scent) has gotten into Bella’s house, without Alice seeing anything, and has even gone through Bella’s stuff!

Suffice it to say that Bella has a whole lot of deciding to do. Love or friendship? Deception or honesty? Her safety or the safety of the people she cares about? Mortality or eternal life? There are still plenty of things left for 4th (and final) book, but I certainly wouldn’t wait any longer to read this book… Unless, that is, a large dose of suspense at the end of this book is likely to kill you before the August 2nd release of Breaking Dawn!

Happy Reading!


One response to “Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

  1. I highly recommend Chris Crutcher’s DEADLINE. It’s a fantastic book. JUST LISTEN is also really good. What I like the most about both Crutcher and Dessen’s way of writing YA fiction is that they both remember what it was like to be a young adult. The thing I really love about Crutcher’s books is that..what’s the best way of putting this… they leave the world a better place.
    And I love his committment to living in the light of truth.
    Beth Fehlbaum, author
    Courage in Patience

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