The White Darkness by Geraldine McCaughrean

The only reason I picked up this book is because it won the Printz Award. At first, I had no idea why this book would have won anything because it was so hard to get into the story… Granted, I think this may have been because I had such high expectations before I even started reading, but that’s beside the point! What matters is that I ended up LOVING this book by the time that I finished it! Why? Because there are so many levels to the story. Some people may want to read it for the surface information about a trip to (and survival in) Antarctica. Some people may be intrigued by the fact that Sym’s imaginary boyfriend is Captain Lawrence “Titus” Oates (an Antarctic explorer who died 90 years before her own voyage). Some people may like to see the interesting dynamic between Sym, Sym’s mom, and “Uncle” Victor — a family friend who is helping them out now that Sym’s father has died. Still, others may be intrigued by the unfolding mystery surrounding Victor’s purpose of the trip. No matter what, though, this is a book to check out!

Happy Reading!


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