Born to Rock by Gordon Korman

Leo Caraway is about as far from punk as you can get.  He is a straight-A student, member of the Young Republicans Club, and about to head off to Harvard on scholarship.  So, how does he end up working as a roadie for infamous punk band Purge on their summer reunion tour?

It all started with the false accusation of cheating on a math test, which caused him to lose his scholarship, leaving him with little hope of attending Harvard.  A while back, Leo accidentally found out (when he needed his birth certificate to attend a class trip) that the dad he has always known is not actually his biological father.  That honor, apparently, belongs to a man named Marion X. McMurphy.  Leo has never known Marion X. McMurphy, and he never cared to know him.  But he discovers that Marion X. McMurphy is also known as “King Maggot” — the lead singer of Purge!

Could meeting, and working with, his biological father be the key to paying for Harvard?  He’ll have to make it through the summer alive if he wants to know the answer to that question!

Happy Reading!


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