Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The fourth (and final) book in the Twilight series was very highly anticipated… I’m talking, my teens would rather read this book than eat for a week kind of anticipation. My teens and I had a very specific set of questions we needed answered, though, so we were a little worried that we might end up disappointed in the end. We all wanted to know, for example, whether Bella would marry Edward, whether Edward would turn Bella into a vampire, and whether Jacob would ever imprint. I am happy to say that we got all of those answers and more, but my lips are sealed! Let’s just say that there’s a whole lot of drama, action, and suspense… In many ways, this book was very much like the rest of the series. I am happy to report, nevertheless, that there were a couple of huge surprises — and that I liked how they changed the storyline.

Happy Reading!


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