Breaking Point by Alex Flinn

There are a great many stories about students who have been bullied so long that they snap.  In this story, though, it is more of an act of kindness that leads a student to his breaking point.  How could that be?  Because Paul is new to an elite high school where he assumed he would not find any friends but is, instead, befriended by Charlie Good — honor student, tennis player, and generally popular kid.  Charlie often asks favors, but it’s nothing Paul is unwilling to do.  Until, one day when Charlie asks Paul to break into the high school to change one of his bad grades to an A.  Paul isn’t sure if he can go through with it.  What will happen if he gets caught?  Why can’t Charlie just deal with one bad grade, anyway?  But when Paul tries to get out of it, Charlie gives him a really hard time.  Will changing the grade get Charlie off his back, or is it likely to simply make matters worse?  What should Paul do?!?

Happy Reading!


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