Feed by M.T. Anderson

Whenever I’ve been in a conversation about how awesome audiobooks can be, this book has always come up as the “perfect” example.  Now I know why!  The concept of a feed is so much easier to understand when you actually experience the feed for yourself.  Basically, people have computer chips installed into their brains so that they can upload and download information, chat without talking, and do research on the fly.  In exchange for all of this connectivity, nevertheless, they are inundated with advertisements based on the purchases they have made and the places they are going.  New to a town?  Not to worry…  The feed will tell you all the hot spots you should check out!  Thinking about getting a new shirt?  All of the latest fashions will surely be brought to your attention.  Sound kinda neat?  I thought so at first, but the more you read/listen, the creepier it gets.  Man, I hope this doesn’t become a reality anytime soon!

Happy Reading!


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