The Opposite of Invisible by Liz Gallagher

Since I have made the decision to always be honest with my teens, I will have to post a negative review for a change.  It’s not that this book was terrible or anything, but it was just very, very predictable and didn’t offer up much more than stereotypes.  There was a girl (Alice) who was best friends with a guy (Jewel).  They were both socially “invisible,” but they didn’t care as long as they had each other.  Everything changes, though, when the jock she’s been secretly crushing on asks her out.  Jewel, of course, kisses Alice on the same day, and she has to make a choice between her long-time friend and her super-cute crush.  Maybe teens would like this more than me, but I thought the cover art was more interesting than the story itself.

Happy Reading!


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