Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

I have not read all of Sarah Dessen’s books, like many of my friends and colleagues, so I thought it was really important to at least read her latest.  Well, I am more than happy that I “forced” myself to check this one out!  It’s all about love, family, trust, and friendship, but it’s not just a sappy tearjerker.  When Ruby’s mom abandoned her in a run-down rental house, she thought she could get by until she turned 18.  No one would have to know, and she would not have to worry about the foster care system.  One day, nevertheless, the landlords figure it out, and Ruby is taken into custody.  She is sent to live with her long-lost sister, and suddenly finds herself in the lap of luxury.  Her sister and brother-in-law live in a posh gated community, send her to an elite prep school, and can actually afford to buy her new clothes from some of the most expensive stores at the mall.  You might think that it would be easy to adjust to such a life, but how do you leave behind everything you ever knew in life and start again?

Happy Reading!


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