The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I had to wait until after I was done with the Twilight books before I could get into this one, but it was well worth the wait.  This book takes place in a totally different “universe,” so I often felt like I was reading something by a completely different author as well.  It’s pretty cool, actually, to read something so different by an author whose work I thought I was “used to.” Enough of that, though…  I need to tell you about this book!

Earth as we know it no longer exists.  Human bodies are being taken over by alien creatures called “souls,” which the human resistance consider to be no better than parasites.  Very few “wild” humans exist, and those who are caught are soon given a soul.  When Melanie Stryder is caught, though, something strange happens.  She refuses to submit to the soul that has been implanted within her; she decides to fight to keep control of her own body.  The biggest problem is that Wanderer (the soul) does not want to admit that she cannot control Melanie, and she soon starts to feel affection for both Melanie and the people whom Melanie has known and loved.  When Wanderer and Melanie decide to take off and find Melanie’s brother and boyfriend — in a hidden camp of humans — neither of them knows where this will end.  Will her family even be there, or will they have been caught already?  And, if they are still in hiding, will Melanie’s presence make enough of a difference to them?  Will they kill Wanderer/Melanie before she has a chance to explain?  Or will she not live long enough to find them in the first place?  I thought this was an awesome science fiction thriller, and I was pleased to find that it also included a touch of romance.

Happy Reading!


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