A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life by Dana Reinhardt

Simone is 16-years-old, and she is not exactly your typical teenager.  She wakes up early to volunteer for the ACLU on Saturday mornings, gets along really well with her younger brother, and has an incredibly good/open relationship with her parents.  As a result of this open relationship, Simone has always known that she was adopted.  She has never been curious to know anything about her birth mother, Rivka, although her adoptive parents have made it perfectly clear that Rivkah has stayed in touch with them throughout the years.  To put it plainly, Simone is content with the family she knows and loves.  When her parents start to pressure her about making contact with Rivkah, though, she realizes that it may be easier to just get it over with.  Needless to say, Simone’s pre-conceived notions are completely torn apart, and Rivkah ends up becoming an important part in her life.  That short summary doesn’t seem to be nearly enough to warrant an entire book, but that’s only because there is so much more that I can’t tell you about without spoiling the whole plot…  Trust me when I say that this book is awesome!  It’s not just a story for kids who have been adopted; it’s a great story about one teenager’s struggle to define family, friendship, love and faith…

Happy Reading!


One response to “A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life by Dana Reinhardt

  1. Omg… wierdo book.

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